L.O.L. Surprise! House with 85+ Surprises

L.O.L. Surprise! House with 85+ Surprises

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In a world where babies run everything, little rockers Rebel against nap time and Teacher’s pets become class presidents with “free pizza fridays!” in this world, all work is play and nothing is dull Cuz it’s all a Lil’ surprising and outrageous!

l.O.L surprise! house is the ultimate hangout for L.O.L surprise! dolls. It’s moving day! unbox 85+ surprises to move the included, exclusive family into the L.O.L surprise! house. Made from real wood, 3 stories, 6 rooms, and a working elevator! the outside patio includes a real pool for cold water, hot tub for warm water and a sandbox for L.O.L surprise! pets. The first floor includes a living room with a real working lamp and kitchen with table, chairs and refrigerator. The 2nd floor includes a bedroom and bathroom. Bedroom includes bunk beds and a bassinet. bathroom features a toilet that makes flushing sounds and a bathtub with purple rain. The 3rd floor’s massive walk-in closet includes a fashion rack with hangers for all your dolls’ outfits and a vanity with working drawers for storage! dolls can take the spiral staircase to the rooftop, which has a helipad and patio that changes from day to night!

note: we have made improvements to the instruction manual for the dollhouse. They are available on our website. https://www.Mgae.Com/EN-US/section/customer service/manuals/

List Price: $199.99 
Price: $189.00 FREE Shipping.Details
You Save: $10.99 (5%)
  • L.O.L Surprise! Surprise House includes 85+ surprises
  • Wooden, multi-story house (three feet tall & three feet wide)
  • Interactive features including working elevator, lights and sounds across the three floors; real pool, spa and sandbox
  • L.O.L Surprise! exclusive Family (Doll, Lil Sister, Pet)
  • Moving truck and furniture to unbox

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