Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo ONE Electric Longboard Skateboard – 21 Mile Range – 22 mph Top Speed – Wireless Remote Control – Lithium-Ion Battery

Evolve Skateboards – Bamboo ONE Electric Longboard Skateboard

Product description

Evolve Skateboards presents ONE, the single motor series inspired by our earlier generation Pintail and Snubnose designs which helped shape Evolve into what we are today.

The bamboo deck has old school characteristics of both the Pintail and Snubnose designs with an added kicktail in the rear of the board with a medium flex allowing for a smooth ride.

As far as performance goes, the Evolve ONE has a lot to offer!  The powerful 2000 watt sensored brushless outrunner motor allows for a smooth acceleration and braking experience and up to 20% gradient hill climbing ability all on the single drive system.  The custom lithium Ion battery gives the rider up to 21 mile range on a single charge and the new wider Super Carve Truck system allows for stability whilst being able to perform tight turns which lives up to our ethos of making insanely awesome carving machines!

The Evolve ONE is our lightest board ever and is a great board for those wanting something that is portable yet packed with performance and a ride to match!

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  • PORTABLE AND POWERFUL – The Bamboo ONE is light enough to take on all your adventures, and strong enough to climb a 20% grade hill (Insanely steep!)
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTOR – A Lightweight, 2000 watt motor that packs a punch. Reach speeds up to 22 mph and even 26 mph if using a larger size wheel
  • LONG RANGE – Cruise down streets and climb hills on your Bamboo ONE Electric Skateboard for up to 21 miles per charge!
  • DIGITAL REMOTE CONTROL – A wireless remote control with 4 speed settings is included for a smooth and stepless acceleration from slow to top speed
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION – The ONE electric skateboard deck is built from strong bamboo and offers a medium flex for a smooth ride. The trucks are Black GT Super Carve 306mm and 12 inches wide to offer a stable foundation for cruising and carving


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